My Top Tip for Ensuring You Get the Shot

People who love to shoot the street life, fast action or just candid portraits know how hard it can be to nail the decisive moment. It’s easier to pose a model and fiddle with your camera for a good amount of time and then just pressing the shutter to get the photo. But it becomes more difficult when you don’t want your subject to be aware of your presence and want to catch a candid moment.

So here is a simple technique I use to make sure my chances of getting the shot I want increase dramatically; shoot in burst mode.

Use that High Frame Rate

Many cameras today come with crazy fast frame rates. They can take a large number of photos within a second, so you end up capturing every tiny movement your subject makes during that time. This means you might get more candid and focused photos than before. A few things to keep in mind though:

  • Use Continuous Autofocus to make sure that your subject is sharp even if there is movement involved. A blurry and out of focus is no good even if it captures the best possible moment.
  • Use Manual mode to make sure that your camera doesn’t do anything wonky between shots and change your exposure automatically.
  • If you forget to turn off this setting when taking landscape or still shots, you can merge those multiple photos together to get a higher resolution, noise-free image. It won’t be an HDR photo though since the exposures will be the same. To learn more about HDR photography, visit
  • And finally, remember to take short bursts. While cameras have come a long way in recent years and increase their fps value, they still have to take a breath after a long burst and will stop working. So you shouldn’t take the burst mode for granted and just leave your finger pressed on the shutter through the whole shoot. Take short burst during the decisive moment to get the photo you want.

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