My Top Tips for Buying a Camera

A camera is a tool that is going to be very personal to you. What camera you buy depends on what you need it for and what features you require the most. Each type of camera has its own pros and cons, and all affect how well you can take fine art photos, photos of concerts, or photos of artwork.

Here are some of my top tips to help you shop for a camera for your needs:

  • Image Quality is Key

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of image quality you want. Obviously, everyone would want a high image quality. What matters here is whether you need super high-quality images for printing out or not. Almost every camera these days, whatever kind it is, have great image quality but not all cameras can produce images that can be printed at large scales. So for example, if you just want to take photos of your artwork for digital safekeeping, you’ll be fine with a good compact camera. For street photography, you can use a similar one or a micro-four-thirds camera. For high-quality fine art photography, you might need a DSLR or mirrorless camera instead.

  • The Weight Matters

If you need to photograph something for which you’ll have to carry around a camera all day, you probably should get one that is lighter to carry. A DSLR is going to be heavy and will cause problems if you have to carry it for hours on end. In this kind of scenarios, a mirrorless camera is perfect. These have image quality and features that rival DSLRs while being compact and light to carry. Mirrorless and high-end compact cameras are great for street photography, casual concert photography, and even fine art photography. Mirrorless cameras, as stated before, are great overall and rival DSLRs as far as features and image quality goes.

  • Features are Endless

Once you have considered the first two tips, you should be very much capable of making a choice based on your budget. However, you may also have a look at what features different models have and which of these are important to you. For example, many cameras now come with touchscreens which are great for quick focusing. Some also come with Wi-Fi support for quick file transfers. Some come with dual memory card slots for instant backup of photos. Figure out which features you need for your work, and then make a decision. This matters because each additional feature will add to the price of the camera.

So keep in mind these tips before you go out shelling cash for a camera you may not even need for the kind of work you do.



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