My Top Tips to Get Started with Fine Art Photography

These days, it seems that everyone with a camera has turned into an ‘artist’. While I don’t intend to say that anyone’s work is bad, the fact of the matter is that being a fine art photographer takes much more than just an expensive camera and some good composition.

Be Sure of What You Want to Say

To be an artist, you need to have a message that you want to convey. This idea can be very small or very big, but it has to be something people can relate to. Showing this idea through your photography in the right way is going to be the challenge and if you pull it off, then you become a fine art photographer.

Focus on Technique

Just like a painter cannot be successful without learning their craft first, same is the case with photographers. You need to have a strong command over your equipment before you can create captivating images that send a message to the viewers. So spend time first with your camera and all other equipment, and then go ahead to work on a theme or an idea.

Learn to Write

Writing an artist’s statement is an essential part of becoming a fine art photographer. You need to be clear with your words, explaining you passion and your idea to the people who want to come see your work exhibited in an art gallery. You need to tell them why they should take the time out of their lives and see your work or buy it, and words play a massive role in this part of the process.


If you want to be a fine art photographer, you need to understand that you are pursuing to become an ‘artist’. The only difference between you and a painter, for example, is that of the medium and equipment being used to make the artwork. So give yourself time, think about what you want to achieve through your art, and then start shooting.

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