My Top Two Tips for Taking Black and White Photos

They say that black and white photography is timeless. It’s one of the most preferred ways street photographers capture moments due to this reason. There’s just something special about black and white photography that draws a viewer towards it. This makes it a great way to take fine art photos as well. Read on to find out the two simple things you can do to make your black and white photos stand out.

Tell a Story

Taking any photo and slapping and monochrome filter on it is nothing compared to a carefully crafted black and white photo. The reason black and white photos are special is because they take the viewer directly to the soul of the image. You have to think about what you are saying through your photo; is it an emotion that you want to highlight or is it the magnificence of nature that you want to show? Think about your image and figure out how making it monochrome can elevate the idea behind it.

Look for Contrast

If you want a bold look for your photos, then try to incorporate as much contrast in your scene as possible. Look for areas where light and shadows meet and use those to create your image. High contrast images tend to look more aggressive while low contrast images make a scene look subdued. How you choose to showcase a scene depends on your idea behind it.


So the next time you decide to take a monochrome shot, try to follow these two tips and you might just end up with something great.



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